We complete your menu for you!


We complete your menu for you!


For Only $30 We'll Set Your Menu Up For You!

(House Lines Not Included)

Here's What We'll Need:

1. Your Current Menu: Brands / Flavors / Price / Bottle Size / Nic Strengths (PDF of existing menu or excel spreadsheet will do!)

2. Your Shop Logo (Banner Style Preferred)

Here's How it Works:

1. Once info is received, we'll get your menu set up as soon as possible (90% -100% Complete)

2. We'll then call you to show you around and tie up any loose ends (create promotions and more)

Here's What We Can't Do:

1. No House Lines - you're on your own for those!

2. 250 Flavors Max - anything more than that is 50 cents per flavor

3. No Hardware

4. Ongoing maintenance - Once we hand you the keys, they're yours to keep!

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