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IMPORTANT! Vapemenu tablets only run the Vapemenu application and you will not be able to download other applications from the Google Play Store. For other tablets, read the info noted below.

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Other Options For Tablets That Work With Vapemenu

Vapemenu tablets will ONLY run the Vapemenu application, you won't be able to download other apps through the Play Store.  If you are looking for a tablet that can be used for multiple purposes, read on!

Below are links for two tablets other than ours that we can guarantee will work with Vapemenu

  1. Acer Iconia 10”

  2. Lenovo Tab 10”

Any other tablets you purchase are at your own risk, we cannot guarantee that they display correctly. 
For other devices, the general specifications are as follows. 

Platform: Android
Size: 10.1”
Pixels: 1280×800

If you do purchase tablets outside of the ones noted above, we recommend trying them out as soon as possible with the Vapemenu app to ensure that it displays correctly.  If not, return it and try a different one.  Good luck!