Vapemenu Digital Vape Shop Menu & The Drip Club Team Up in 2016

Doing Big Things

Drip Club Signature E-Liquid Provider and Vapemenu Digital Vape Shop Menu have high-fived on a new endeavor!  The Drip Club touts behemoth brands such as ANML, the all-new ANML Unleashed, The Milkman, MODUS, and KOMB. Vapemenu provides all vape shops with a free interactive digital menu that speeds up menu management, increases sales and looks fantastic. Read on to discover what this recent team-up means for your vape shop.

The Drip Club has always been known for top-shelf premium e-liquids.  As you know, your average e-liquid manufacturer declares themselves to be a top-shelf premium brand.  The Drip Club difference is that the juice lines they represent have each, in their own way, caused a quake in the industry everyone felt.  Take ANML for instance.  


ANML, one of The Drip Club's most esteemed brands.

ANML, one of The Drip Club's most esteemed brands.

Before Looper (the flagship ANML flavor) was released a while back, everyone was simply going about their day.  Almost overnight, however, everyone and their mother was either talking about it, vaping it, or both. Looper is a dead-on fruit cereal flavor coupled with creamy milk.  It could definitely be suggested that ANML played a major part in cereal trending as an ingredient in e-liquid.

ANML had also broken new ground on a penny-stock ingredient, red licorice.  The ANML flavor Carnage raised that ingredient up to become both revered and feared, with a bold and accurate red licorice hitting your taste buds just right, time and time again.  

Riding on the success of Looper, ANML birthed an additional cereal flavor, this time tackling corn flakes.  The result is nothing short of impressive.  

Check out this quote from The Drip Club's Website:

Created by the world-renowned mixologist and gastronomic-genius behind both Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors, this artisanal-grade e-liquid is meticulously hand crafted in small batches, with an ultra-high attention to detail that borders on lunacy for a vape experience that is truly out-of-this-world. In short, ANML was created as an answer to the cut-copy flavor profiles of yesterday, and pays homage to the meticulous art of flavor refinement, while standing on a bedrock of modern-day cutting-edge flavor science.

ANML Unleashed

ANML Unleashed is a collection of four all-new flavors.

ANML Unleashed is a collection of four all-new flavors.

Today, even though ANML is still as successful as ever, the game has been changed again with the release of ANML Unleashed.  The year 2016 brings four new monstrous flavors by ANML. Grizzly, a cookies-and-milk concoction that turns a common combo into an artisanal experience.  Thrasher, delivering the gummy goodness of candy blended with sweet creams and the finest peaches.  Beast, a banana pudding would certainly make a certain gorilla proud. Finally, Reaver, a tropical smoothie flavor that pairs strawberry, coconut, pineapple with a very thick and heavy cream base. These flavors are available now and poised to give the industry something new and exciting to talk about.

The Drip Club & Vapemenu

The Drip Club is working with Vapemenu to provide something truly great for all vape shops.  With Vapemenu, you can ditch those out-of-date paper menus and provide a unique, digital, and interactive experience to your customers.  They use the menus on tablets in the store to find flavors they love faster and easier than conventional menus.  Signing up for Vapemenu is free- there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or other fees.  

After you sign up and log into your account, you can see and click on an exclusive deal from The Drip Club available to new wholesale accounts.  Ah, but The Drip Club is going even further than that.  They have a special code they can give you so that when you sign up with Vapemenu, you can receive a free Android tablet as well.  You'll need to contact The Drip Club by phone or email to get the code.  This is your opportunity to up your menu game, acquire these exquisite brands at a discount, and receive a free Android device worth $150. Let's go!